Annie Grey – Narrator's time

Narrator's time

Well our Protagonist had a long day and has went to sleep so it's my time to shine you must have been wondering who I am.

rAs you all know I am the narrator and I narrate this magic tale of Annie grey but who exactly am I?? why do I know her every move why do I talk in past tense well it's all simple I am the Book!!! ( Well if you don't know what

/who the book is please refer to chapter 1 and you ruined my dramatic feel)

rWell you may be wondering if you do know the book how are you the narrator? Are you retelling the story from the future? Does Annie know that you are telling her story??

rWell dear friends all in due time let's answer number 1 well you forgot I am a magical book passed down from generations from Wizard to Witch in the Grey family and my last holder was Witch Alice Ahhh may she rest in peace well our Dear Annie still hasn't believed in it yet so in due time my friends

rAnd a answer to question 2 yes I am telling the story from the future a very far future you see because our dear Annie needs to discover herself first, and No My Future Annie doesn't know that I am telling her story I am doing it as a surprise for her birthday.

r And another question well how can I tell the story when in the past chapter I am not there well you forget I am magical and my soul is bound to my holder so I can see what is happening and what she is feeling.

rWell if you read chapter 2 you would know that I am still in the washing machine let's see how that will pay off in the next chapter Tata and see you there😉


Chapter end

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