Annie Grey – Moving to the Witch World

Moving to the Witch World

A week had passed and everyone did the same routine, the Sundew's told their children about their plans once school was over for a long break and instead of their expected reaction they were all happy they said that they wanted to see the homes of their parents and wanted a change in scenery.

rDuring the week Annie, Curtis and Matt's schedule was the same they would attend classes and eat lunch with Maddie when she was free, and as stated by Maddie's Father she wasn't allowed to go anywhere, she would be dropped at school by the Chauffer and would be picked up by him straight home.

rFinally Saturday came, and it was time to move, school was over and the Grey's had packed only the most essential items in their house to take with them on their trip, since they did not know how long they would stay there (but little did they know that this singular art of moving would be a start of many adventures)

rElse where in the Wolf Mansion

rMaddie had just woken up from her sleep, she looked very tired from all her training from the night before, and now she was ready to put her escape plan into action!

rShe had mapped out all the escape routes in the mansion the night before and all she had to do was to get ready, pack some necessities and cast her spell.

rMaddie quickly got ready, she changed into a black long sleeved jumpsuit, and tied her hair in a ponytail, she woke up at 5am so that no one would notice she was gone, she packed some clothes in her backpack and put it behind her.


Chapter end

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