Forsaken Memories – A Reflection

A Reflection

The forest was shrouded in an eerie silence, broken only by the rustling of leaves and the distant hooting of an owl. The moonlight struggled to penetrate the dense canopy above, casting scattered beams that danced among the gnarled branches. In this foreboding setting, three boys, Alan, Gabriel, and Barry, moved with purpose, their determined gazes contrasting with the coldness that lingered on their faces.

rTheir breaths came in ragged bursts as they pushed their bodies through the thick undergrowth, leaves crunching under their hurried footsteps. The ground beneath them was uneven and treacherous, with hidden roots and fallen branches threatening to trip them up at every turn. Yet, they pressed on, their determination unyielding.

rBarry, the leader of the group, forged ahead, his eyes scanning the surroundings for any sign of their elusive target. His jaw clenched tightly, accentuating the steely resolve etched upon his face. With each step, his determination seemed to intensify, propelling him forward with unwavering resolve.

rGabriel, a silent companion, followed closely behind, his features locked in an expression of grim determination. His normally cheerful countenance had been replaced by a stoic resolve, his eyes darting from tree to tree, vigilant and unwavering. He matched Alan's pace with unwavering loyalty, his silent presence a testament to their shared objective.

rAlan, the youngest of the trio, struggled to keep up. His youthful features bore a mixture of fear and determination, his wide eyes reflecting both the urgency of their quest and the weight of their purpose. Though his breath came in gasps, he refused to falter, his youthful spirit refusing to be left behind.

rThe sun was setting and the natural glow of revenge emerged on the faces of the trio, they had just now left the Light residency and were making pace toward mysterious lands. One by one they crossed various rivers and hills in search of someone, they gave the direct impact of ninjas aiming to assassinate a certain target but they had the expression of personal revenge in their minds.


Chapter end

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