Forsaken Memories – An Earned Victory

An Earned Victory

Alan grabbed Jarvis by the throat and dragged him with his momentum into the ground and kept his ability activated and continuously dragged him into the ground while breaking it upon impact.

rHe jammed his face into the ground and showed no mercy, Although he was low on energy he kept his skill intact and moved on, not a second later his green aura started to flicker as his energy started to consume away, but this was not gonna stop him as he screamed on while punching him as well. Jarvis was in a confused state and in addition to Alan's continuous punches he started to have a concussion and the stolen energy from Barry made it impossible for him to get back up.

rAlan's energy had almost worn off but that couldn't be said for his determination as now an icy blue wrapped around him, this indicated Gabriel's energy that he gave, and some moment later, It changed to sea blue indicating Shelby's energy and at last, he came to a stop with Jarvis completed underground, as he barely opened his eyes.

rAlan was not over yet as he was reminded how he tortured his friend and as well Ray, Barry's friend. He barely raised his hand and punched Jarvis, once again, once again. Jarvis at this point was bleeding heavily and one more punch would end him. Alan didn't care one bit as he gathered his tiny bit of energy to throw one last punch, but before he could he heard a sharp sound from behind him as Barry sprinted his way to grab his hand before he could land the punch.


Chapter end

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