Forsaken Memories – Master's Goodbye

Master's Goodbye

The lady left leaving the information to the gang, as Hazel, Shelby, and Gabriel stood up dusting away the crumbles on their shirts left from the food they snacked on. After some while each got cleaned up and changed into their official uniforms except two....

rBarry and Alan were sleeping like they hadn't slept for ages and were filling up their lost sleep. The other part of the group was not having it and seeing them sleep peacefully was not the ideal vision they had in mind. Without wasting a minute Hazel nodded to Shelby who understood her signal as she immediately controlled the water present in the water bottles present at the snack station and flowed it towards the lazy brothers and dumped it on their faces.

rBoth of them woke with a scream that legitimately felt real as if they were scared to death. After a few whiles of looking in random directions, their senses returned to them as they saw 4 of their teammates standing in front of them, frowning as they saw them getting up from bed.


Chapter end

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