Forsaken Memories – A Nightmare

A Nightmare

Like any other day, All the boys woke up with disgust on their faces and barely got up from bed to perform their training and breakfast before getting ready to head out at the call of the superiors.

rBarry was quite annoyed to follow orders from someone he didn't know and was impatient for the master to return, but until he had to deal with them. The trio left their house and made their way to the house of honor where all the important people sat and where missions and orders were assigned.

rThey walked along the empty silent path as they wondered if they were the only ones in town recently but they were too tired to think of anything and continued their journey.

rAlan kept checking his system for any new updates or quests but his system was silent for now he still kept toying with it and Gabriel had forgotten to eat breakfast as he woke up late so he ate a sandwich on the way while Barry quietly walked noticing something time to time.

rAfter some while of walking, they stood in front of the house and proceeded to enter the building, Barry opened the door only to see a bunch of teachers like him leaving the home as they had been invited as well, one by one they left the house and Barry and his brothers made their way inside.

rAs soon they entered the house they were pressed by a heavy aura which made it suppressing for them to walk under. They saw Hazel and her student as well who were present to hear the orders of the new government.

rWith a sound of a clap, a lady in the official uniform of the light residency gained the attention of the people around her and cleared her throat before speaking.


Chapter end

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