Forsaken Memories – Fear


The sky was painted in hues of pink and orange as the first rays of the sun began to emerge on the horizon, signaling the dawn of a new day. Barry and Gabriel, two close friends, stood side by side on a high cliff overlooking a vast, beautiful landscape. They had been on an arduous journey to save their friend Hazel.

rBarry looked down at his homeplace mostly in shambles and thought if he was just more strong he could've saved the place but nevertheless the job was still undone. Today they had to confront the lady who caused this all and take revenge once and for all.

rBut one thing kept bugging Gabriel as he was seeing Barry in a very unusual manner, he wasn't being himself his expressions were cold as he only needed revenge to satisfy him.

rHe took one step forward and signaled Gabriel to follow but before he could even move Barry was gone from his vision and rushed towards the house of honor. Gabriel was shocked and tried to keep up but he was of no match to his speed.

r[On Alan's Side]

rAlan and Shelby hadn't rested the night and were on the move consistently, Alan was lucky as Shelby had some potions to regain their energy to continue and don't stop at all. After some while they reached a huge mountain and as they looked down they saw a Dark and misty land almost avoidable to the eye, Alan nodded towards Shelby and jumped from the mountain and was free falling. Shelby was stunned and unable to process what just happened but she had to follow him so without any further questions she jumped in a streamlined manner to catch up to Alan.

rSoon they were closing in on the land and Alan cast a wind disc around their feet through which they glided from a small hill like snow surfing and safely reached the bottom of the hill and entered the land.


Chapter end

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