Forsaken Memories – Aftermath


The portal submerged the four as they escaped the incoming terror on the battlefield and dropped them at a hideout, a hideout which was built under an abandoned village, all four secured their landing and immediately examined the place for any threats. Barry laid Alan down and started to feed him mana in hopes of reviving his system which had been drained of.

Seeing desperate help in the eyes of Barry, Theo went around the place shuffling books and pots in search of something, a few moments later he found it and brought it towards Barry. He gently lifted Alan and made him drink some kind of liquid from a vessel while placing him down on the ground.

[True Flames have been activated]<



/strong>A smooth wave of flame revolved around Theo's hand as he placed it on Alan's chest, making the flames spread over his body in a soothing effect. Alan's wound started to close up while he steadily regained consciousness.

Chapter end

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