Forsaken Memories – Awakening


Alan sprinted through the forest, keeping a watchful eye on his watch as he closed the distance between himself and Barry. The watch displayed other individuals who were registered residents of the light residence, their presence was marked by a light green color. While running, Alan pondered the identity of these individuals and the conflict they were embroiled in, causing Alan anxiety. He pushed aside his musings and focused on reaching Barry as quickly as possible.

r(While on Barry's side)

rBarry had almost reached there in time to see Hazel getting drowned in a bubble of water and her student was the cause of it. Barry didn't even hesitate and took out his blades and immediately slashed the bubble releasing Hazel in her arms.

rBefore he could even say anything a huge purple ray came at Barry aiming at his head. Barry immediately ducked down barely while some of his hair was cut off by the ray.

rHe got up and took his other sword out as well as he was famous for his dual wielding. There were a total of Three men that stood against Barry all in black.

rBarry was vexed by the act of these people and had no glare of mercy in his eye.

rHe instantly took his stance and launched himself with such force that the dirt beneath his feet got blasted off.

r[Earth Type:Debris Barrier]

rAs Barry was about to reach for his face he was met with a huge earth wall but to the enemy's surprise, Barry threw his sword in the air and kicked it mid-air with such force that upon impact with the wall it scattered it into pieces.

rThe leader of the group then took out his sword and started to engage with Barry while one of them decided to attack Hazel and her student.

rHazel Had now recovered and was able to fight but it was not the same case with her student as she was battling herself mentally seeing this one of the enemies took advantage of this and decided to attack.

r[Fire Type:Divine Flames]

rhe launched spiral flames towards her thinking that it would burn her to a crisp and the other two masters being busy she would have no chance of dodging it.

r[Wind Type: Aerokinesis]

rA powerful gust of wind swept in from the left of the flames, wrapping them up and redirecting them toward a nearby lake. The enemy was taken aback to see his attack so easily deflected. As the mist cleared, he saw a boy standing in front of the girl, glaring at him with a death stare.

rThis gave the enemy chills but he was not going to give up and prove that he is stronger than the boy. He used his fire control to erupt fire from the ground which Alan knew he could not deflect so he grabbed the girl and jumped away from the attack until they reached a safe place.

rAlan placed her down to see that her face was pale and she was not responding to Alan's question.


r[ User:Shelby Skyler ]

r[ Level: 2 ]

r[ Ability:Water Type ]

r[Skills:Water control, Water Bubble, Water Dash, Water deflection.]

r[ Health:50

/50 ]

r[ Strength: 7 ]

r[ Speed: 9 ]

r[ Perception: 8 ]

r[ Intelligence: 10 ]

r[ Resilience: 6 ]

r(user is hypnotized)


Chapter end

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