I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Screw Loose

Screw Loose

Kairos was able to see the monster turn around early thanks to his future vision. The very moment he saw that happen, he gave up on stealth and shot forth.

rKairos' steps were not that loud, but his body shot forth like a bullet. His hair and clothes flapped around as though they were being blown around by the winds in a storm.

rBy the time the monster had fully turned around, Kairos was only a meter or so away. The monster's first instinct was to let out a roar, opening its repulsive mouth up.

rHowever, before it could scream, Kairos thrust forth with the metal pole. A faint whistling sound seeped out.

rThen, a frightening crack rang out.

rThe metal pole went in through the mouth and burst through the top of the monster's skull. It gagged for a second before falling limp.

r[Killed Creature (Challenge Kill - One Rank Superior to Killer) - 0.3 points awarded]

rKairos frowned a little and pushed against the monster's chest with his foot so that it would slide off.

rHe turned around to see that Nicole, Harold, and Sydney were all peeking out from behind the corner. Kairos smiled and gave them a wave before walking over to them.

rOnce he got there, he whispered.


Chapter end

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