I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Insufficent


Kairos felt an immense pain fill his head from his future vision. However, strangely enough, it didn't feel like the sensation of having one's neck cut through as he would've expected.

rAfter all, there was currently a katana moments away from reaching his neck.

rRather, it was a fairly familiar sensation, like his skull was going to burst. Though it was still extremely painful.

rKairos instinctively tilted his head to the side.

rAnd right when he did, a blue arrow shot right past.

rThe lady's eyes widened tremendously. However, right after Kairos tilted his head, she did as well. The blue arrow grazed against her cheek, ripping open a long line of blood.

rHowever, she was still alive.

rKairos grit his teeth, awaiting the sensation of pain. However, it never came.

rChase had let go of the arrow. However, even when the arrow shot right past its target, he still kept eye all the way open, staring calmly. A deep frown was on his face as blue veins began bulging out from his skin.

rThe blue arrow that had shot past suddenly reversed its direction, shooting straight towards the lady's head.

rThere should've been no way for her to know.

rBut she stopped her attack and brought the katana behind her head.

rAn ear-piercing bang rang out.

rThe mana arrow crashed against the katana hard. That much was clear from the blood now seeping from the lady's hand. However, she was still standing.

rKairos was shocked by the turn of events. However, he already saw it happen a second in the future, so he was only stunned for a short moment. Kairos' eyes had become bloodshot as he desperately tried to take advantage of this opportunity, mercilessly swinging his fire axe towards her skull.

rAnother clash rang out.

rThe lady was able to defend against it, but she quickly backed up with a fearful expression.


Chapter end

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