I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – So Dumb, it Actually Works

So Dumb, it Actually Works

Kairos didn't put his full strength into the attack, but was also pretty confident that he would be able to hit the hooded monster hard while it was in the air. Worst case scenario, it blocks the attack with its arm.

rHowever, his future vision showed him that things could be worse.

rA third hand burst out from the monster's chest, extending out and grabbing the blade of the fire axe.

rSeeing this, Kairos immediately stopped his swing and shot backwards.

rHowever, he quickly saw that the arm coming out of the monster's chest wasn't so simple. It had no skin, making it a bright red mass of muscle and was able to extend out much farther than its normal arm.

rDespite the fact Kairos retreated, the arm continued to shoot towards him and grab onto the blade of the axe. It was simply too fast for him to do anything.

rKairos attempted to resist, but quickly realized that this arm was far stronger than normal, to the point it could lift him up if he stubbornly held on to the axe. As such, he decisively let go of the axe despite knowing that it was his only weapon.

rA little bit of insanity seeped into his adrenaline-filled mind once he realized that he would have to beat the monster using his bare hands.

rKairos' eyes became bloodshot as he hunched over.

rThen, he blinked a few times before calming down.

rThe monster spoke.


Chapter end

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