I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – I've Made My Decision

I've Made My Decision

A blue mana arrow shot through the air like a bullet, straight towards one of the monster's skulls. The monster casting immediately noticed this, thus canceled its casting, and tried to sidestep the moment it saw Chase release his arrow.

rHowever, the monster was not prepared for the sudden curve. There was no longer a place to dodge.

rThe arrow shot forth unimpeded.

rWell, almost unimpeded.

rRight before it hit, a tiny inconspicuous cross on the monster's belt lit up, creating a translucent blue barrier.

rAn ear-piercing crack rang out, like the sound of shattering glass.

rThe mana arrow hit the blue barrier, doing significant damage to it, evidenced by the cracks all across it. On top of that, the monster even stumbled several steps backwards before falling over.

rHowever, there wasn't any damage dealt to the monster itself.

rWhile that was happening, Tori had glanced at the other monster casting a spell. Although she couldn't tell how close it was to completing it, a fairly corporeal ball of mana had formed.

rNow that the monster blocking her was knocked down, she dashed towards the monster, intending on interrupting its casting process. Unfortunately, that wasn't the best timing.

rWhile Tori made it halfway, the ball of mana had condensed fully before disappearing altogether.

rThere was a flash of light before three red mana missiles appeared, shooting towards Tori at different angles. Though they were fast, she also had extremely good reaction time, thus could sidestep.

rUnfortunately, it turned out that they were homing, thus followed her.

rTori grit her teeth as an extremely unwilling frown formed on her face. It looked pretty bad when all of the magic missiles shot towards her from all ends, giving her no chance to dodge.

rYet right before they hit, Tori dissipated into red mist, letting them pass harmlessly through her. The magic missiles proceeded to scatter randomly, no longer homing as their target disappeared.

rOne of them shot towards Chase, but he simply stepped to the side and avoided it.

rAfter another second, Tori reappeared, but looked a little different.

rThere was a considerable amount of blood dripping down from underneath her eyepatch while her skin had noticeably reddened. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were bloodshot.

rBut she was still moving.

rTori continued running towards the monster. It attempted to run away, but its speed was slower. Tori gradually closed the gap, getting closer and closer.

rDuring this time, the monster that Nicole had knocked down recovered from the fall. At this point, Nicole no longer had a weapon and was just awkwardly holding onto the monster's shoulder.

rShe tried to back up, but the monster was one step ahead, shoving her off before turning around.

rAt this time, Tori had caught up to her target. Both the monster and Tori swung towards their respective targets.

rTori's katana became a blur as it shot towards the monster's neck. However, like the last one, a cross lit up before creating a blue barrier.

rTori's sword landed with a loud clang, but was rebounded. The barrier itself was undamaged.

rIf that wasn't bad enough, Nicole froze like a deer in headlights as a fist rapidly shot towards her face. It all happened too fast. Other than Kairos, the other spectators could not even register what happened before it had already occurred.

rYet, when it all seemed to turn bad, the monster's fist stopped right in front of Nicole's face. Her hair blew back from the wind as she remained frozen.

rThen, the monster spoke.


Chapter end

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