I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Energy



r[ID: 345315364923]

r[Rank: F ]

r[Objective: Drink Red Rain]

r[Proof Of Perfection Points: 30.5]

r[Stats -

rStrength - 4.0

rEndurance - 4.0

rAgility - 4.9

rWillpower - 4.0

rMana Capacity - 0.0

rMagic Affinity - 0.0]

r[Special Abilities: N



rThe thing that immediately jumped out to Kairos was the extremely large amount of points that he had. It was to the point where he really didn't have to care about wasting them by adding them to his current stats.

rHowever, one thing he almost missed was the changed objective.

r[Objective: Drink Red Rain]

rBefore, it stated to touch the red sun. However, now it was to drink the red rain. By connecting all the dots, it wasn't hard to tell that they had a similar effect.

rNonetheless, that red rain was approaching right now, so Kairos did not want to waste any more time.

r[Strength 4.0 -> 4.9 | Points 30.5 -> 29.6]

r[Endurance 4.0 -> 4.9 | Points 29.6- > 28.7]

r[Willpower 4.0 -> 4.9 | Points 28.7 -> 27.8]

rThe expected warmth and hunger quickly assaulted him, prompting Kairos to grab a nearby snack and begin eating it.

r...And waiting.

rAll of the options to add points were greyed out, meaning he could no longer add anything. Kairos assumed that the condition for evolution was maxing out all of these points, but it seemed a little more complicated than that.

rKairos' eyebrow twitched.


Chapter end

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