I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Sniper


Though it would only take a few seconds for Kairos to gather a decent amount of mana for his spell, the monster was going to reach him at an even faster rate.

rKairos' eyes narrowed.

rHe spikes shoot out from the monster, thus threw himself back. However, he soon calmed down. When the monster had its spikes extend out, they ended up getting caught in the side of the walls. Although they pierced through to a certain extent, the monster seemed to be unable to extend its spikes further or even move.

rKairos saw this as an opportunity, thus got closer.

rThe monster retracted its spikes and even took a step back, almost like it wasn't expecting something to come towards it.

rThe monster let out a growl, leaping onto the other wall all the while watching closely.

rKairos was about to take a step forward, but stopped when he saw that the monster would've retreated out onto the streets with his future vision.

rAlthough the alleyway would make it hard to dodge the monster's attacks, especially the spikes, it would also go the other way around. Considering how fast it leaped back and forth between the walls, he decided limiting the thing's movement would help quite a bit.

rEspecially since he only had one chance to use the pulse spell before his mana would be depleted.

rOnce Kairos stopped moving forward, the monster looked intently, its head abruptly tilting to the side and back. It would occasionally lift up its arms or legs one at a time, almost like it was moving, but would stay in the same location.

rKairos then tried to take a step back, and the moment he did, the monster lunged towards him, screeching. When it was a few meters away, the spikes suddenly extended out once more.

rKairos could see them coming with his future vision, thus threw his body to the side in order to avoid it. The spike lodged themselves into the walls around, causing more cracks to form in the wall.

rBut also keeping the creature in place.

rKairos pounced forth once more, sticking out his free hand and intending on using the pulse spell. The monster retracted its spikes quickly, but the palm was already in front of it.

rHowever, Kairos suddenly grit his teeth and stopped himself from casting the pulse spell.

rHe saw in his future vision that the spell would let out a tremendous force, cracking the floor and walls around him.

r...But the monster would be fine, before shooting out a spike and piercing his body.

rKairos cursed internally as he pulled back.

rThe monster promptly shot out its spikes, brushing by the side of his abdomen. Kairos felt his eyes widen as adrenaline filled his body. He did not think that he would brush by death like this already.

rHe thought through various possibilities as to why his pulse spell seemingly did nothing.

rUnfortunately, his thoughts were cut off before he could come to a conclusion. After retracting its spikes, the monster lunged towards him. This time, it had its jaws wide open, trying to bite down on him. It looked quite creepy with the top of its head being a dark black while the bottom was instead red.

rKairos wanted to use the pulse spell once more, but stopped himself.

rHe saw in his future vision that the monster's bottom jaw would be obliterated, but the important parts would still be intact. In the instant, he switched to swinging with his fire axe.

rWith a clear bang, it slammed down hard on the creature's forehead and forced it back. One thing that immediately became apparent to Kairos was that not even a dent had formed on the creature's forehead.

rIt became quite clear to him that the blackened section of the monster was some sort of super armor. In other words, he should target its underbelly. The only problem was that this monster moved on all fours, keeping its vulnerable spot covered.

rAfter letting out a low growl, it shot its spikes out once more.

rKairos blocked using the side of his fire axe. A fairly big dent appeared on the side of the weapon, but it was able to divert the spikes. After that, he decisively dropped the fire axe before reaching out towards the monster with his now free hand.

rThough the monster was locked in place because of its own spikes, it didn't plan on just letting Kairos do what he wished. Its mouth opened wide, intending on biting down. However, with the help of his future vision, Kairos was able to trick the monster into extending its neck out one way and biting down.

rHis hand swerved to the other side and grabbed onto the monster's neck.

rDespite the monster not being that large, he could immediately feel that it was quite heavy. However, he had already committed to doing this and wasn't going to back off now.

rKairos frowned, tightening his grip around the monster's neck to the point that his fingers whitened and his hand was trembling. At the same time, the monster retracted its spikes and grabbed onto Kairos' wrist with its own hands, desperately trying to remove the grip.

rHowever, It was already too late.

rKairos had lifted up the monster completely, meaning that its back was now facing the opposite direction. This didn't stop it from shooting out its spikes anyway, however, none of them could even come close to hitting him.

rKairos moved his free palm towards the abdomen, then let the spell loose.

rA faint whip rang out before a deafening bang resounded.

rIt slammed hard against the monster, causing its body to essentially turn into mush. Kairos lost his grip on it due to the force, thus letting its corpse shoot back. The surrounding walls and pavement were cracked from the residual impact.

r[Killed Creature (Challenge Kill - One Rank Superior to Killer) - 0.3 points awarded]

rKairos couldn't help but think that all of this effort was definitely not worth the amount of points he gained. Though in the end he wasn't fighting it for the sake of points, but to survive.

rAnd considering that he came out on top, it was the ideal situation.

rChase who was watching from afar nodded


Chapter end

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