I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Tree


The group continued at a fairly brisk pace, going down the street. Tori took up the front and was able to take care of all the monsters that came for them. Compared to how it was like before, the journey was quite smooth.

rAlthough killing monsters would attract more, so long as they didn't stay in the same spot to try to farm points, not too many would come at once.

rBut that also meant that they couldn't afford to take a break and settling down at a location would also be difficult. It truly seemed that their only option was to make it to the wilderness, unless they wanted to settle down somewhere and face an unending horde.

rEventually, Sydney was able to run on her own. However, it seemed more like she was running to deal with the stress rather than overcoming it. As for Nicole, her eyes were still murky, but she continued to run while holding onto Kairos' hand as though it was the only thing keeping her above the water.

rKairos was rather anxious that something else would pop up once more. This was mostly in part due to the fact he didn't have any mana, and the regeneration process was far longer than he thought it would be.

rAt the rate that mana entered his body, it would take roughly half a day for it to restore completely.

rThankfully, his worries were unfounded. It seemed there were only so many unlucky encounters that they could come across. They traveled for quite a while, slowly cutting their way through all of the monsters. At first, Chase was occasionally forced to partake in fending them off with his fists or even his arrows. However, the number of monsters decreased significantly as they continued.

rAs for the road, it switched from pavement to a dirt trail. Even the occasional farm had appeared. Some were rather large, and others modest.

rHowever, as they were running, Kairos ended up furrowing his brows as he took in the scenery around him.

rThat was because he could see a couple of strange red plants, some of which were moving around in an extremely life-like way.

rKairos didn't think about it before, but he realized that it wasn't only humans that would evolve. He still had the mentality that this was something more like the 'zombie apocalypse'. Where essentially only humans were infected, and for some reason the occasional dog.

rHe shook his head and quickly changed his mentality.

rEven random objects could evolve, such as the watch that Nicole was using. That meant it really wasn't a stretch to say that other living beings could too. The only thing that reassured Kairos was that it seemed only the occasional plant would evolve.

rAs for the other plants, they either died or remained the same.

rIn other words, not everything would evolve even if they had the capability to do so.

rEventually, they came across a place that was filled with a relatively large amount of trees. They had made it to the wilderness.

rTori let out a sigh of relief.


Chapter end

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