I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Even If It Gets Really Hard

Even If It Gets Really Hard

Kairos pulled out the red prism and looked at it from an awkward angle so he didn't have to take off his glasses to look at the other status panel.


r[ID: 1


r[Energy: 967



rCreating those bars with sharp ends had used up a decent amount of energy. Although there was still quite a bit of energy left, he considered this a limited resource as he wasn't sure if there was some other easy way to recharge the energy within.

rOnce the group got closer to the lake, Kairos let the prism float above his hand.

rHe first formed the base ground, making it quite large. He wanted there to be enough space for all of them to sleep relatively far from each other and also enough space to store various items that they might've needed. And as such, he made it about as large as the size of a small house.

rFrom there, he created walls that were three meters high and closed them off.

rAfter that, Kairos looked at the energy used up.

r[Energy 740


rChase walked around the place and raised an eyebrow.


Chapter end

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