I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Come Back!

Come Back!

Right when the bunnies were beginning to overwhelm the group, Sydney stepped up and began swinging the bat violently. One after another, frightening cracking sounds resounded as bunnies were brutally smashed.

rThough nobody was silent as they were fighting, it somewhat seemed that way in comparison to Sydney. She screamed hysterically, while her breathing had become erratic and heavy.

rThe control over the situation was somewhat restored, but with how much force Sydney was using, the wooden bat was beginning to crack. If she just used enough force to kill, then the bat wouldn't face many problems, but she truly put her all into the swings.

rAnd as such, it wouldn't last for much longer.

rKairos sighed, thinking he was going to have to step in sooner or later. The only shame was the fire axe he had been using was destroyed in an attempt to save Harold. Kairos began thinking of whether or not he should use the pulse spell, his hands, or borrow someone else's weapon.

rBut then he felt a sudden pushing on the door he was holding back.

rWith his future vision, he saw that it was Sydney who began pushing at the door, trying to get closer to the bunnies. Knowing that this was suicidal, he conversely pushed as hard as he could, using his shoulder.

rThe crack in the door was just about to close off, but that was when Sydney started to push against it.

rKairos spoke immediately.


Chapter end

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