I See One Second Into The Future: Loner In The Apocalypse – Evolve


Kairos furrowed his brows as he looked at the blue panel displayed before him.

r[Global Announcement: Evolve.]


rHe had been sitting here for a while now, but it still didn't go away. Kairos was a naturally suspicious person, thus didn't want to click the button that said ok that easily. However, he figured that whatever was responsible could do much worse things than this.

rAs such, he reached out with his finger and tapped it.

rWith a clear ringing sound awfully reminiscent of a game, the panel disappeared before reappearing into a set of notifications.

r[Killed Creature (Challenge Kill - One Rank Superior to Killer) - 0.3 points awarded]

r[First Ten To Challenge Kill (Tenth - by ID: 345315364923) - 5 points awarded]

r[Early Kill - First Red Sun - 0.2 points awarded]

rKairos furrowed his brows.

rIt appeared that this wasn't exactly a hallucination, unless he was really going through it. However, he was also pretty sure he was sane. Although seeing real life turn into game-like elements was a little surreal for him, he already had experience with a similar bizarre thing.

rHis ability to see one second into the future.

rAs such, it did not take too long for him to accept it. As he read through the notifications, he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

rAlthough there wasn't too much to work off of, he could already glean some information from what was given.

r[Killed Creature (Challenge Kill - One Rank Superior to Killer) - 0.3 points awarded]

rHe got points for killing a creature, with the notification explicitly stating that the creature was a rank superior to him.

rKairos came to the conclusion that one could gather points by killing things and the rank within implied that killing things at a higher 'rank' than oneself would give more points.

r[First Ten Challenge Kills (Tenth - by ID: 345315364923) - 5 points awarded]

rAs for the second notification, stating that he had done the tenth global 'challenge kill'. He could surmise that meant killing a creature of a higher rank from the previous notification. Honestly, it surprised him a little bit that he was the tenth person to do such an act.

rAfter all, he essentially did it only a few moments after these transformations happened. He was essentially speedrunning, but he still only just barely squeezed himself into the top ten.

rKairos rubbed his chin, wondering who those other people could be. As for the strange ID attached to it, he ignored that.

rNonetheless, he quickly moved on to the third notification.

r[Early Kill - First Red Sun - 0.2 points awarded]

rThere seemed to be an award for killing these things earlier on, while the red sun was still up. However, what was most concerning to Kairos was the fact it said 'First'.

rIn other words, it implied that there was more than just one of these coming, like a recurring natural disaster. Before he could ruminate on it any further, they disappeared. Then, a new panel showed up.


r[ID: 345315364923]

r[Rank: F ]

r[Objective: Touch Red Sunlight]

r[Proof Of Perfection Points: 5.5]

r[Stats -

rStrength - 0.6

rEndurance - 0.4

rAgility - 0.7

rWillpower - 1.5

rMana Capacity - 0.0

rMagic Affinity - 0.0]

r[Special Abilities: N



rWhat immediately came out as strange to Kairos was the ID portion of the status panel. After all, what was the point of the essentially random string of numbers?

rThough, he did recall that this ID was displayed earlier.

rHowever, as there wasn't much to think about, he moved on. When he took a glance at his rank, Kairos didn't really care as he had no idea what exactly it measured and what an 'F ' even meant, thus skipped over it.

r[Objective: Touch Red Sunlight]

rThis made him furrow his brows with concern and distrust. After all, he knew very well that this red sunlight would cause him to turn into a monster. It appeared that the system wished for him to do this.

rWhatever the reason was, it definitely meant that the system wasn't exactly on his side.

rAs for his stats, he was quite surprised at how paltry they looked. Although he could admit his endurance wasn't the best, he didn't think it was that bad.

rThen again, he had no idea what these numbers were based on.

rWhat surprised Kairos quite a bit was the combination of two things.

rThe fact he did not have any magical capability or special abilities.

rAfter all, he literally had an ability that let him see a second into the future. If that wasn't a magical or special ability, then what was?

rNonetheless, Kairos moved on.

rAfter a bit of hesitation, he clicked on hide, making the panel disappear. There was no longer any trace of it. Upon thinking about opening the status panel, it reappeared.


Chapter end

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