The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher – Recording


Her Class session has finally ended and Mio found herself doing nothing once again. Normally a teacher would have to go to a different class now, but because she was new and doesn't have a permanent schedule, she doesn't know what to do right now. The principal left her as soon as she started her class with Class F, so she was thinking of going back to her office asking what she should do now since she was free. She soon exited the room and begins to walk away.

rJust as she was about to enter the building where the Principal's Office lies, she stopped when she saw what was happening in what she assumed was a training ground. Taking a closer look at it, she found all of Class F who were currently partaking in a Magic Test. But it wasn't just Class F that was in the Grounds, another Class was participating, but because of Mio's lack of knowledge about all of the Class she doesn't know where it belongs, but she has a guess. Judging from how they were being treated by the Teacher, they are most likely from Class A.

rUpon looking at them, Mio already begins to hate the School System. But it was not something that she hasn't seen before, where the Noble is the one receiving better treatment as this world was never fair, to begin with. A world where those who have money is the one who controls it, meanwhile the people who don't will slowly rot away. Mio was going to ignore it at first, but when she saw how Class F was being bullied. Currently, they have Class F and A fighting, they had also put on some special Bracelets that limit their Mana, but in reality that wasn't the case. Their fight was never fair to begin with because what the teacher had attached to Class F is far more powerful making them much weaker, as, for Class A, you can even consider them as a piece of jewelry, all in all, it was useless. It is nothing but a decoration for them, which alone already makes Class F at disadvantage.

rWhile Class F was feeling much weaker because of the bracelet, Class A didn't feel any weaker than before. This is what Mio hates the most in this world, no matter where you go, there would be inequality. No matter how hard you try to fight it, you will never win. Because of Money, that alone is the reason. But in this world, Money is useless, what you only need is Power to get everything you want, with Power you can get everything you want. That's why Mio believed that every Human being should be greedier, after all being greedy is natural for a Human. If you are not, don't even consider yourself a Human.


Chapter end

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