The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher – Class A's Defeat

Class A's Defeat

When Martin saw the disappointed look on Alice face, he paled slightly. His back which was just previously standing up in arrogance slowly slumped back, he felt so much disappointment today because firstly he lost to some random swordswoman, and the worse thing is that he disappointed Alice. That is the last thing he wanted as an outcome, he would rather lose to Mio than disappoint the woman that he admires, that is the sole reason why he even stays at the Dynasty of Death Academy, she is his only goal and reason why he stays here. Alice knows this fact, that Martin has feelings for her, but she has already rejected him twice even if he was rejected he was persistent and stayed by her side.

rMio who saw the expression of Martin could only chuckle at how stupid Martin is. She already knows that there is something between the two, even if they had only met today, she can already tell that Martin has feelings for Alice but was already rejected. Mio has already experienced a lot in her life, no matter what kind of it, you can bet that she has already done it and have experience with it. Even love, but she can't say that she was good at it. Thus she just gave Martin a silent pity before walking up towards her students to say a few words before she finally leaves and go back home and rest.


Chapter end

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