The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher – The Best Class Ever?

The Best Class Ever?

Mio's words somewhat made Alice feel nervous because from what she had heard, it seemed that Mio personally knew her Mother which should be something not shocking since everyone already knew who she was. But the thing that made her uncomfortable was that Mio knows her Mother deeply, deep enough that her Mother even owes something to her. 

Usually, she wouldn't even believe such a thing because she has already experienced such events where some people tried to say what Mio said, but of course, Alice didn't believe one of them for two reasons.

Her mother was a very important person for Earth right now, some could even say that she alone has the power to govern the entire planet if she wants to, and no one can simply stop her because she has the power and rights, so how could she owe someone when she is hard to meet and that powerful? 

As for the other reason... People tried to be sneaky about it and said that they were fellow Heroes

/Adventurers with her Mother which was possible, but if they were at least as old as her Mother. But it was too bad that they weren't, they were not even a century old, so becoming fellow adventurers with her was impossible because she was already an old lady. And most importantly, she has long retired. Probably for over 250 years already.

But for some reason, she believed Mio's words even though there was nothing backing it. Maybe it was because of her confidence when she said it that made her believe it unconditionally.

Chapter end

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