The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher – Beating a Record

Beating a Record

As if Mio cannot shock Alice anymore, she was proven wrong once again. When Mio used her Sword Intent, Alice felt something more complex in the attack. But she cannot explain what it is, but she does have a guess, the only problem is that she doesn't want to believe it.

rShe was guessing that Mio somehow found a way to use both the Sword Intent and Domain at the same time. In the history of the System being accessible to everyone, this is the first time she has heard of such a thing.

rThis is the reason why Alice wants to believe that her guess was wrong, because if any word of this Ability got out. The chances of it causing chaos are pretty big, not only the strongest Guilds, Families, Government, and the Hidden Powers of Earth will come after Mio just to get her to pass the Ability. It would not matter if they have to force Yuki, they would do anything just to get it.

rAlice was very worried for Alice if her guess was correct and to make sure that no word got out of what happened in the Testing Room, Alice had already deleted everything that was recorded inside. Every Time someone goes inside the Testing Room, the System that was set up inside would automatically records it.

rThis was set up so that everyone that uses it can know their mistakes if they have any, also this will be as evidence if a person achieved something. Alice has destroyed everything that she can so that no one can see what happened inside and if ever anyone asks her. She will just say that the video might be corrupt.

rSince the Sword Intent was meant for Defense, you can easily trick your opponents with what Mio did. They would think that you are defending, but in reality, you are going to strike them with all you've got. Plus with your laid-out Sword Domain, you would be invincible and your attack potency will soar.

rNormally a Sword Domain will boost your Sword Skills, and Attacks by 250%, but if a true Sword Master used it, the boost would be over 400%. Today, only a few people have managed to achieve a Sword Domain. Their numbers are not even exceeding thousands, they are only in the hundreds.

rIn that short amount of time, Mio has already almost finished her Tasks. The only thing she needs to do is the One Finger Slash which is a lot easier than releasing a Sword Domain.


Chapter end

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