The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher – Watching Cartoons

Watching Cartoons

After explaining all of those, Somi yawned a little before finally closing her eyes, and when Mio saw this, she gently tucked Somi under the bed before finally getting off to let her sleep peacefully as it had been a long and tiring day for the two of them. But even though she was also tired herself, she didn't sleep that night, she just quietly sat next to Somi's bed and watched her sleep till the sun came up.

The whole time she was extremely worried about Somi because she couldn't exactly read what she was thinking, so she didn't know if she was just being kind and considerate to her by saying that she wasn't hurt by what happened at that day. But she sighed in relief when she saw how she was sleeping soundly and peacefully, she was glad that nothing really happened because if it truly hurt Somi mentally, she would have nightmares about it.

Seeing that nothing was wrong, Mio finally got up to leave the house and get some groceries so that she could cook some food for breakfast as eating fast food or from restaurants is something not she would plan. She would still prefer to eat what she made herself. It didn't take long for herself to come back and when she did, she saw Somi sitting on the sofa and watching the TV with full focus.

Chapter end

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