Woman with the tiger eyes in the Beast warrior's World – Lounging around

Lounging around

The next morning Sienna woke up a bit broken. She felt her body was all heavy. She opened her eyes and stared at Sarcos's handsome face. He still looked sleeping, breathing deeply. He looked so innocent, that Sienna had to smile. His handsome face was so alluring to touch. She reached her hand and ran her finger on his cheek. This is her third mate. She had to blush. How does it come to this? She was not even a month in this world and already had three mates. Well, Sharchan and Tyrell she had to take, she could not let them both die. Besides, Sharchan was so handsome and Tyrell was her sweetheart. Sarcos was a mystery by itself. He was fearless and strong but with a terrible reputation. How is that so? He was so caring to her. Sienna was quite surprised by herself, she can be actually in love with all of them. She smiled cheekily. She ran her hand on Sarcos's naked ripped chest. It was hard as a stone. She sighed. He was irresistible.

rShe decided to get out of bed and get ready for the day. She rolled around and went to stand up when she splattered on the floor. It looked like her legs did not want to listen to her. She sat on the floor with furrowed brows.

Chapter end

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